The Showcase is Krell’s fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of. P/N The Showcase Processor must be placed on a firm level surface where it is not . Thank you for your purchase of the Krell Showcase Processor. designed to alter or stabilize the AC power for the Showcase Amplifier. Before connecting the Thank you for your purchase of a Krell Showcase Amplifier.

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Personally, I prefer a dial rather than buttons, but that is just me. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. More of the same was found on using the Showcase as the processor for decoding music, using my player as a transport, and its overall 2-channel performance was excellent, with a presentation that was slightly showcas laid back and expansive than my Marantz player.

I would have preferred to see smaller increments used, but I was able to get my speakers very close to the measurement I selected. The amp weighs a solid 58 pounds, and has vent holes on top and bottom. The Showcase Amplifier has a high definition analytical sound. Monoprice Monolith 7 Amplifier Review. So, when I talk about something like Krell’s new 7. In hsowcase, such a feature is unusual in SSPs at any price. Krell has stepped up to the plate and now offers a solution in a price category never before entered by the audio heavyweight.

The display is red with red lettering, which is difficult to read from a distance. Watching movies at moderate levels of sound, the amp just cruising at these levels with large amounts of reserve. The only differences I could find between the two were the HTS’s second zone and its modular design.

This is becoming a standard on most SSPs and receivers it is supposed to be present in all THX SSPsand it allows the user to showdase an overall limit on bass information directed to either the mains or your sub to avoid overdriving your speakers. Balanced capability highlights the Rkell 7 amp’s back panel, as well. This Krell 7-channel amplifier exhibits the same quality performance as the other units that bear the legendary Krell brand.


Fabulous scores to be sure, but the Cartier-like build of these Krell pieces impresses immensely. Room EQ consists of four memory settings that you can set for different conditions such as movies, music listening, games, etc. This is a first for a home processor, and allows for compensation of room and equipment problems. Between the Energy tweeter’s uncompromising nature and the Krell gear’s unwillingness to artificially soften sources, poorly recorded material—especially on CD—had nowhere to hide.

Keep in mind that the Showcase has almost all the same internal parts as its big brother the Home Theater Standard 7.

Krfll course, this was just my preference. We hope you enjoy our Best of list. When you look inside the Showcase you’ll notice that all of the audio circuits have been separated in a similar fashion to the video ones. Vocals were especially impressive, as on the James Taylor Hourglass DVD-Audio, where the balance between the honey-dipped subtlety of Taylor’s voice and the krel, of the background singers—particularly the always tonally difficult-to-reproduce female vocals—was excellently maintained.

Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review. Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. I was especially struck by the delicacy, crispness, and smoothness of the midrange: These are a delta sigma DAC that samples at kHz with a 24 bit word depth.

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Krell Showcase Pre/Pro and 7 Amplifier | Sound & Vision

Well-mixed rock, classical, jazz, and reggae recordings didn’t need the equalizer. A really nice addition to this processor would have been the inclusion of an outboard microphone for the setup and processing features, similar to Pioneer’s new receivers.

The efficiently designed circuit of this Krell amp delivers extensive power filtering with a low feedback for crisp audio. The imaging was very accurate, and I noticed no fillers or other introductions from the Showcase. One of the toughest decisions in Home Theater is deciding on which processor to use as the hub of your system. About this product Product Information The brushed aluminum Krellcoat finish of the Krell Showcase 7-channel amplifier might make it look a dainty unit, but hidden under its elegant exteriors is raw power.


Krell Showcase Processor Amplifiers

Some of your source material is going to sound rough, raw, and even abrasive, especially if your room is as uncompromising as your gear. Krell has focused its best quality on the front mains, since two-channel is their passion. There are two outputs for each of these two input xhowcase, one for the OSD and one for a recording loop. The Tree Of Life. This item doesn’t belong on this page. It also allows you to use both the rear and side surround speakers for 5.

Sshowcase Tree Of Life.

Krell Showcase 7 7 Channel Pre-Amp/Processor Amplifier

shlwcase The Showcase offers a flexibility that is not found anywhere else at this price point, and sound quality that would please even the most discerning audiophile. For this review, the Showcase combo spent time in two different systems and environments: Log in or register to post comments.

It does not feature Dolby Surround EX processing though. Log in or register to post comments.

There are also 4 volt triggers. The dark, quiet background krelll the experience as on music recordings, and adds to the dynamic energy of soundtracks—it presents the original source material with power and clarity, detail, and control. Balanced outputs also have less noise in longer runs so those of you using active speakers or mono-block amplifiers spread across the room will probably want to take advantage of this.

Each amp uses six output and two driver transistors per channel, and feature fully discrete, Class A fully-complementary circuit topologies. This is nice, since the Krell uses very high quality relays which tend to be slow and noisy when krfll detecting a format. Outlaw Audio Model Amplifier:

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