3. Art after Philosophy’. Joseph Kosuth. The fact that it has recently become fashionable for physicists themselves to be sympa~ theeic towards religion marks. Joseph Kosuth an American conceptual artist, lives in New York and London, after having . His seminal text ‘Art after Philosophy’, written in , had a major impact on the thinking about art at the time and has been seen since as a kind. Joseph Kosuth in: Arthur R. Rose, “Four Interviews,” Arts Magazine (February, ). Joseph Kosuth, “Introduction” in Art After Philosophy and After: Collected.

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Although he is now very critical of its implicit postivism, no one can deny how effective it was at the time.

This makes them tautological. Art After Philosophy is no less valuable because Kosuth in time became less extreme in his opinions, nor because we read it now across a temporal cultural divide.

In summary, whether or not the artist created the piece or even built it was immaterial provided the intention and idea were satisfied. In a sense then he is a primitive. It was also about concepts.

In response kosuht the debate surrounding conservative attacks on the National Endowment for the Arts in[6] Kosuth organized an exhibition entitled “A Play of the Unmentionable” focusing on issues of censorship and using works from the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Pjilosophy. Traditional philosophy, almost by definition, has concerned itself with the unsaid. Empirical questions are one and philosophg hypotheses, which may be confirmed or discredited in actual sense experience.

As a result, it has since been translated into 14 languages, and included in a score of anthologies. It also for him concluded at the time what he had learned from Wittgenstein—dosed with Walter Benjamin among others—as applied to that very transitional moment in art. The whole world is there to be seen, and the whole world can watch man walk on the moon from their living rooms.

Not simply do we now consider the breadth of art practice in terms of a range of cultural influence, but the traditions of habitually separate discourses kossuth also becoming less easy to distinguish[25].

Rather the text should perhaps be considered as a historical document, emerging at a particular time in a particular continent and crystallising a particular set of culturally relative beliefs and assumptions.

Linkage by analogy is its constituent law or principle, its causal nexus, since meaning only arises through the causal contexts by which a sign stands for takes the place of an instance of a sort.


This brings us to the realization that formalist art and criticism accepts as a ary of art one that exists solely on morphological grounds.

It would be a mere ejaculation, in no way characterizing that to which it was supposed to refer. Views Read Edit View history. The photograph is a representation of the actual chair situated on the floor, in the foreground phiilosophy the work. He has been invited as a visiting professor and guest lecturer at various universities and institutions for nearly thirty years, some of pbilosophy include: He also lived in an area of Australia some hundreds of kilometers north of Alice Springs with an Aboriginal tribe that, before they were re-located four years previously from artt area farther north, not known of the existence of white people.

It takes no hold if there is nothing for it to haul from, for its thinking is the haul, the attraction of likes —I.

Ruth Barker

The idea becomes a machine that makes the art. We have the cinema, and color television, as well as the man-made spectacle of the lights of Las Vegas or the skyscrapers of New York City.

The works’ sometimes extensive labels were written by their curators, while the larger type statements acter from various art historians, philosophers and social critics. Hung on walls painted his signature dark gray, Kosuth’s later, large photomontages trace a kind of artistic and intellectual autobiography.

Accompanying these photographic images phhilosophy certificates of documentation and ownership not for display indicating that the works can be made and remade for exhibition purposes. Kosuth defines art as ideally being entirely separate from the world, but this proposition seems to flout the contemporary understanding which describes the nature of our perceptions of what that world might be, as fluctuating, as temporally and culturally specific.

Certainly the monumental popularity of colour television and the increasing importance of the media in general was philsoophy spectacle on a daily basis, but it was also delivering images of horror in a way which was very accessible. University of Michigan Pressp.

Joseph Kosuth – jennifer l smart

In conclusion this essay might suggest that perhaps the shift which had occurred by then was not simply that:. The piece need not be built. Formalist critics and artists alike do not question the nature of art, but as I have said elsewhere:. The criterion by which we determine the validity of an a priori or analytical proposition is not sufficient to determine the validity of an philosoohy or synthetic proposition.

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His most recent exhibition with this organisation was inwhere he exhibited in Palazzo Bembo. Perhaps this can be answered by looking into the difference between our time and the centuries preceding us. Accordingly, we can say that art operates on a logic.


Actual works of art are little more than historical curiosities. He is the President of the foundation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership.

Kosuth himself did come to ameliorate his position. Dover Publicationsp. To repeat and expand upon quote b: Art is not what is not art. InKosuth was awarded the Austrian Republic’s highest honour for accomplishments in science and culture, the Decoration of Honour in Gold. This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat We see now that the axioms of a geometry are simply definitions, and that the theorems of a geometry are simply the logical consequences of these definitions.

Certainly art or objects of painting and sculpture cannot be expected to compete experientially with this? It is important to state, however, that this approach was not the only one pursued as Modernism as a tract began to become unfashionable.

After projects at public buildings such as the Deutsche Bundesbankthe Parliament House, Stockholmand the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital RegionKosuth was commissioned to propose a work for the newly renovated Bundestag inhe designed a floor installation with texts by Ricarda Huch and Thomas Mann for the.

The Philosophy of Art after ‘Art After Philosophy’ « Ruth Barker

Sol LeWitt has always been one of those artists. Clearly there is a sympathetic relationship between this opinion and that extolled by Kosuth. Clearly, among these examples there exists a necessary degree of both difference and overlap, but what should be reinforced is the variety of responses and claims which were offered by a variety of artists, Kosuth being a figure among them.

It is only tautologies that are certain. Often in fact, the closeness between science and philosophy was so great that aftre and philosophers were one and the same person. Formalist criticism is no more than an analysis of the physical attributes of particular objects that happen to exist in a morphological context.

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