The book also features an innovative analysis of Luther’s virulent anti-Semitism in the context and aftermath of the Reuchlin Affair. Johannes Reuchlin. REUCHLIN, JOHANNES° (Capnio, or Phorcensis; –), German and Hebraist; one of the architects of the Christian *Kabbalah and famous as the. A re-examination of the case of Johann Reuchlin, one of the best-known controversies of the 16th century.

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Early life and education history of Protestant Reformation In Protestantism: But the decision was again set aside, and finally, inthe matter was decided against Reuchlin by Leo X.

In, and Reuchlin issued pamphlets defending his own position and the value to Christian scholars of Hebrew literature. After the Reformation had created a new mood, Leo issued a mandate June 20, condemning the Augenspiegel. But in the spring he found it necessary to visit the baths of Liebenzell, and there contracted jaundiceof which he died, leaving in the history of the new learning a name only second to that of his younger contemporary Erasmus.

In Germany Johannes Reuchlin — studied Greek and Hebrew, the biblical languages, and was involved in an international controversy that pitted intellectual freedom against ecclesiastical authority.

Thus, while in the prefatory dedication to his Rudimenta he expressed his fear that the expulsion of Jews from Spain and other lands might adversely affect Hebrew studies, he showed little sympathy for the unfortunate Jews themselves who — until their conversion — remained in “the devil’s captivity.

Search my Subject Specializations: This instruction laid the foundations of his knowledge of Hebrew. Contact our editors with your feedback.

Johannes Reuchlin and the Campaign to Destroy Jewish Books – Oxford Scholarship

There was a problem with your submission. Reuchlin defended himself in a pamphlet titled Augenspiegelwhich the theologians at the University of Cologne attempted to suppress. At Stuttgart his great enemy had been the Augustinian Conrad Holzinger, upon whom he took a scholar’s revenge in his first Latin comedy, Sergius, a satire on worthless monks and false relics.


Festgabe seiner Vaterstadt Pforzheim zur Keep Rsuchlin Britannica Karl Marx. Reuchlin’s life and work are discussed in the historical introduction to Francis G.

Johann Reuchlin

After carefully studying these traditions himself, Reuchlin resolved to open them to others. Then, jjohann and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Despite his friendship with his Jewish teachers and a few other Jews, he initially shared the prejudices of his age and social class. An apparent rejoinder appeared, entitled Epistolae obscurorum virorum4the total effect of reuchli was to ridicule Reuchlin’s opponents, the “obscurantists” Dunkelmaennerand bring their cause into utter disrepute. Important new Christian discourses on Judaism and anti-Semitism emerged from the clash of Renaissance humanism with this potent anti-Jewish campaign.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. In he published a Latin dictionary, and later he made translations from Greek.

Converts from Judaism in Germany, The rescission reuhclin mainly a result of Reuchlin’s report, a prolonged conflict between him and the Dominicans followed, into which the whole scientific world of Europe was drawn.

He also studied the kabbalahand his De Arte Cabalisticawhich was dedicated to the pope, did much to spread knowledge of Jewish mysticism to Christian readers. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if jjohann meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

Bad Liebenzell, Germany, June 30, Reuhclin, Johannes Reuchlin und sein Kampf johaann Reuchlin evaded the demand, but he could not remain neutral. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Ina commission met in Frankfurt to investigate the case. When Johann Pfefferkorn, a Jew who had converted to Christianity, advocated destruction of all Hebrew books, Emperor Maximilian requested Reuchlin’s opinion in the matter.

The issue broadened when the inquisitor Jacob van Hoogstraten, OP, tried to convict Reuchlin of heresy. From that time he became an ardent student of Hebrew, having for a second teacher Obadiah of Sforno, during his third stay in Rome Further Reading Reuchlin’s life and work are discussed in the historical introduction to Francis G.

InReuchlin was drawn into a bitter controversy with the Jewish-Dominican convert Johannes Pfefferkornwho had convinced the emperor to confiscate and burn copies of the Talmud and johaann Jewish books. According to the fashion of the time, his name was graecized by his Hohann friends into Capnion, a nickname which Reuchlin used as a sort of transparent mask for himself in his work De Verbo Mirifico.


He spent the last few years of his life teaching and lecturing, honored rfuchlin some of his contemporaries for his courage and learning and viciously condemned deuchlin others for his persistent defense of Hebrew literature and the Jews. Modern Language Association http: Although not a controversialist by nature, it seems almost inevitable that, given his special appreciation for Hebrew language and rabbinical learning, a man of Rechlin’s integrity would be drawn into a conflict with the dying obscurantist trend of Medieval philosophy and religionjoyann sought to protect “Truth” by destroying books it found objectionable.

About this time he appears to have married, but little is known of his married life. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. Reuchlin called the humanists to his support see humanism, christian.

But interest in the controversy was soon displaced by the shift of public attention to Martin Luther and his clash with the Roman Catholic church. He was seeking ancient wisdom and thought he had found it in Jewish ca bala, which inspired his De verbo mirifico and De arte cabalistica Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaPhilip Melanchthon. The emperor rescinded his edict of destruction on May 23, Reuchlin thus left Stuttgart in February for Florence rekchlin Rome.

Less important are his cabalistic writings “De verbo mirifico”, ; “De arte cabbalistica”,in which he becomes lost in the abstruse problems of mysterious names and figures. The History of the Talmud translated by Michael Joohann.

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