Hansa Teutonica Game Rules. Players attempt to increase their standing as merchants in the Hanseatic League by gaining prestige points. This may be done in. Hansa Teutonica. A game for 2 to 5 players by Andreas Steding. Condensed rules by Eric Postpischil, Introduction. Goal: Get the most prestige. Deutsche Hanse or, in Latin, Hansa Teutonica, are alternative names for the Hanseatic League, an alliance between merchant guilds and (later) between cities.

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You need to possess the appropriate Privilege color level on your player board that matches the color of the city space where the Office is to be built. Cities that joined the League were called Hansa cities.

Greek Rules : Hansa Teutonica

Do you HAVE to establish a new kontor? Please provide an your e-mail that you can access. Start a new group. After a start player is randomly chosen, the other player places the wooden figure into any province.

The Palaces of Carrara. Once a network teutonjca the two red cities dules established, that player immediately scores 7 points. Tags separate by space: Shipping Points Contact us. The League rhles in the midth of the 12th century without being explicitly founded and there was no formal apply for admission until the second half of the 14th century, so it is almost impossible to tell exactly which cities belonged to the league within this period, but altogether almost cities were directly or indirectly involved.

Players may instead choose to develop their trading skills in particular cities, improving their abilities throughout the course of the game.

Split Up Displaced Traders? One of Alabama 3’s finest songs, especially the versions on the single this image is from So check out our schedule for weekly teutonicw monthly events and come play some board games! I supported becauseā€¦ “I’m hoping to turn into a magical BruSteve chimera.


Penalty resource s are required in order to perform this activity. The only restrictions are that there can’t be a bonus marker there already, the route has to be completely empty, and one of the two adjacent cities needs to have a free Kontor location.

The opposing player puts the displaced resource plus one additional resource two if a merchant was displaced from the stock on any empty field that is on an adjacent trade route.

How to play Hansa Teutonica | UltraBoardGames

Hansx can also move it to any province any time during his turn for the cost of one activity. Ok I think thats all I bumped into.

We are playing a lot of Hansa T these days, and it appears that almost every game we’ve played has had some form of incorrect rule in play. This is accomplished by the player placing all of the resource from the established trade route back into the stock and then removing the leftmost resource from the appropriate skill tracks on their player mat to their personal supply.

Put one resource habsa your personal supply on any free field not occupied by any other resource on any trade route between two cities not inside a city as those teutonicq for Offices only.

If an Office is opened in the last empty space in a city i. All of each activity done in a turn must be completed one at a time before moving onto a second activity Example you have 4 actions, 1st you place a trader on a route, 2nd you claim a route, 3rd you place a trader on a route. Setups 2 players, Eng – Basic Edition.

Hansa Teutonica rules clarifications

This may be done in different ways: If an Office is opened on a city space that has a gold coin you immediately rulse one victory point. No replacement bonus rulee is available when a player draws a new bonus marker after establishing a trade route.


Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Thus, the stock and personal supply have to be kept separately at all times. See you on Game Night! Please select a support frequency. Reflecting the number of activities a player may perform in hnsa turn starting at two activities per turn this may increase up to five as the game proceeds.

Berkeley Board Gamers is an open public board game group for adults that meets in and around Berkeley, California to play strategy board and card games of a higher caliber.

But players may also develop their trading skills instead in particular cities, improving their abilities throughout rupes course of play. Move as many resources from the stock into your personal supply as indicated by the “Money” track on your player board three, five, seven, or all. All of the normal rules apply, but with the following additions:. Control of the cities in the network is not required; they only need to have an Office in them.

These aren’t your parent’s boardgames! Establishing a network rupes Kontors in new Hansa cities may be as promising as improving trading skills. Players accomplish various activities during their moves. Or sign up with email. The start player is randomly determined and puts 5 traders and 1 merchant into his personal supply leaving 6 traders in the stock. You can swap the positions of your resources but cannot move Offices between cities or resources into cities.

Once you take a Bonus marker you grab one from the supply and keep it hidden from yourself until the end of your turn. Players attempt to increase their standing as merchants in the Hanseatic League by gaining prestige points.

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