Specific information on this topic can be found in the “Handboek voor Sportaccommodaties” and NOC*NSF “sportvloerenlijst”. At national level the work of Kiwa. KONINKLIJKE NEDERLANDSE ZWEMBOND – HANDBOEK Instituut voor Sportaccommodaties Nederland – Handboek overheidsmanagement. Brugge: Vanden Broele. . Sportaccommodaties in. Nederland. Utrecht: Mulier. Instituut. Retrieved from.

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Kiwa ISA Sport is member of the newly set up FIFA Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Calibrating the loudness of the headphone signal. Reference sound level is taken as 60 dB at sporrtaccommodaties m in an anechoic chamber. In the Netherlands and Belgium sportaccommocaties standards for sports facilities are given as maximum values for the reverberation time.

To investigate echoes special cases have been calculated to investigate echoes along the long horizontal axis.

Let The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing act as both your guidebook and fingertip reference for entering – and building a career in – the exciting world of today’s sports marketing.

Kiwa ISA Sport Laboratory

Barrons theory is a better predictor of the actual sound levels. It looks as if the basketball player dribbles at double speed. The length of the hall is 70 m along the floor and 78 m along the ceiling. These signals are represented by four talkers or by impulsive sounds from a basketball dribble. If a celebrity is scheduled to be on hand, what type of travel and hotel accommodations must be provided? In very reverberant halls they cannot be heard, but if all absorption is put on the ceiling echoes may be found along the length and width dimensions of the hall.


Curves are calculated at microphone position These values are very high and will seldom be found in practical cases.

D Sound samples in a sports hall

Figure 3 gives the same results of SPL and RT for the sportaccommodahies situations a to dbut now combined in one SPL-RT- graph, which is very instructive to compare measured and calculated microphone positions in a room. Westerbeek Sportbeleid in internationaal vergelijkend perspectief 39, The total loudness is about the same, but the strength of the echo from the walls is less than in the previous signal. Ray-tracing models are able to predict the influence of inclined surfaces; EN fails in this respect.

Both cases f and g have an audible echo at ms. In practice a small echo can not be sportaccommodahies. In case g the small walls are non-absorbing but inclined, so the sound reflections are steered upwards to the absorbing ceiling. The chosen configuration of the absorption in the third case leads to a minimum value of the reverberation time.

However, if you have the conviction, just like we have, that certification is not an aim in itself but a tool to achieve a better quality of sport facilities, then you have come to the right place. Sports marketing is a prestigious – and challenging – career. Certification is a procedure which confirms that your product or service meets the requested and usual standards. Spreken en horen A.

Kiwa ISA Sport is member of the newly set up FIFA Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

A proper certification for handbodk market may be essential for your success in that market. Since it is not clear, if flutter echoes or high noise levels are most annoying, they will be used in future investigations.


The source-receiver distance is given by rwhile Q stands for the directivity of the source. It is, however, not a very realistic situation that will be found in practice.

In many cases Sabine’s formula is used:. It is now possible to understand the meaning of the sentence. Because of the sportaccommoddaties knowledge and experience available within our company, Kiwa ISA Sport is the ideal partner for this type of certification.

This is a remarkable result. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise. Microphone positions are as indicated; one position number 14 is at the mean free path distance mfp from the source, which is However, it is also embedded in a more extended website, written for students in Architecture.

This is due to the non-cubic space as explained in [9]. Measuring RT may underestimate the absorption and hence overestimate the noise in a sports hall. This page is made to make sounds audible. Put on your headphone Assume a colleague at 1m distance in an office that is not reverberant.

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