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The long-awaited translation of the novel behind the cult classic Japanese movie. In this gloriously over-the-top tale, Aoyama, a widower who has lived alone. But what about the book it was based on? Audition, by Japanese novelist Ryu Murakami, was not published in English until , and even. Audition. Ryu Murakami (Author), Ralph McCarthy (Translator). Sign up for the monthly New Releases email. Please enter a valid email address. By signing up .

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On the casting couch

T he dustjacket of Ryu Murakami’s latest novel, Audition, somewhat pompously describes the author as a “renaissance man for the modern age”. This contention is amusingly backed up by citing his previous incarnations as drummer in a rock band and TV chatshow host.

Clearly, someone at either Bloomsbury or the original publisher in Japan does irony in spades. That quality is noticeable by its absence in this psychosexual thriller, which races at breakneck speed through the story of Aoyama, a Tokyo-based documentary film-maker.

We learn that since the tragic death of his wife Ryoko, seven years ago, Aoyama has understandably shunned serious relationships. But now his teenage son, Shige, and his best pal, Yoshikawa, have mmurakami that he should get married again. The overbearing Yoshikawa’s idea is to stage auditions for the female lead in a bogus movie he will “produce” with his initially reluctant buddy, but the covert purpose of Aoyama’s auditions will be to find a new spouse.

Basically, the other applicants needn’t bother to show up, and perhaps to his credit, Murakami refuses to let Aoyama or the reader waste any time on them.

So Aoyama starts to woo his dream girl, despite the predictable warnings of his close associates that there might perhaps be something not quite right about the lovely Yamasaki.

You might imagine that a year-old man would have the savvy to be a little concerned when an unattached year-old, compliantly demure honey from Geisha Masturbation Fantasy Central starts hanging murakamu his every word.

But love is nothing if not blind, and while Aoyama does uncover a history of abuse in this troubled ex-ballerina’s childhood, he’s convinced that Yamasaki has muraakami this hurt to become model wife material. The novel’s first two acts, the audition concept and Aoyama’s romancing of Yamasaki, are about as perfunctory and economical as modern writing gets.

Yoshikawa, the best pal, lays bare the whole film audition scam over a few pages.

: Audition (): Ryu Murakami, Ralph McCarthy: Books

But while the prose is taut and spare, it would be wrong to suggest that it lacks depth. The build-up contains some intelligent reflections on relationships in Japanese society, and there are acute observations about how the loss of Ryoko has affected Aoyama and the most sympathetic character in the book, his year-old son.

The main problem with Audition, though, is Yamasaki. It’s difficult to take her seriously as a character, as she shows us only two faces – angel and monster – and we never get any real sense that the abuse she’s suffered could have precipitated the extreme psychotic behaviour she’ll eventually visit on Aoyama.

In this respect, the novel becomes another parable of male fear of female sexuality.

Audition by Ryū Murakami

Feminism has obviously never penetrated Japanese society in the same manner it did in the west, and while we have to accept Audition as being of its cultural place, it would be almost unthinkable for a male English-speaking writer, in almost any genre, to offer up audiyion major female character like Yamasaki.

The book’s tendency to race to the finishing line is no bad thing, because it is in the third act that Auditiin writing is at its strongest, in what is a genuinely shocking and grisly climax. Those who know his previous novels, particularly Piercing and Almost Transparent Blue, will be aware that his strongest suit as a writer is how he portrays tripped-out, hallucinogenic sex and violence, and both the sex muramami Aoyama and Yamasaki in the hotel room and the subsequent violent denouement are mesmerising and compelling.

He was utterly disorientated. He moved his lips, trying to ask what was happening, but the mucous membranes of his throat felt like muraiami, dry and sticky, and no sound emerged. And so it proves. The prose in these passages is elegiac and affecting, but it has the sharp, ,urakami feel of the butcher’s knife or surgeon’s scalpel. Murakami does not spare us the blood and gore, and dog lovers of a squeamish nature might be advised to skip this novel.

Although I really wanted to know more about Yamasaki, and felt that the underdevelopment of the audition concept was perhaps an opportunity missed, the novel is a highly compulsive, one-sitting read, and Audition should add auditjon the Renaissance Man’s growing fanbase in the English-speaking world.

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proceedings to evaluate the use of patient-reported measures of HRQOL in MS. A variety of .. MSQOL may represent a barrier to its use in clinical practice. Permission to use the MSQoL instrument was requested from the original author of They translated the 18 specific items of the MSQoL into Portuguese. The MS quality of life 54 (MSQOL) is an MS-specific HRQOL inventory originally . MSQOL scale scores were assembled using the Likert method for .

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January 13, ; Accepted date: February 16, ; Published date: J Mult Scler 5: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Multiple Sclerosis. The original version of 18 items from the MSQoL was translated into Brazilian Portuguese using international guidelines. Two independent translations were completed by Brazilians fluent in English and the results were evaluated and harmonized, concluding version:. This version was back-translated by an American living in Brazil and then another analysis was conducted, resulting in version.

They presented no conceptual problems. Patients with multiple sclerosis MS felt the questionnaire was easy to understand. We thus attained terms of conceptual equivalence between the original questionnaire and the translation. MS is a neurological disease that primarily affects young adults.

Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54: Brazilian Version

Its prevalence varies by ethnicity and location decreasing in the lower latitude [ 1 ]. Although its etiology remains uncertain, evidence suggests that MS is an immune-mediated attack on myelin with secondary destruction of axons causing progressive disability [ 3 ]. The longevity of patients with MS is about eight years less than that of a healthy person. Longevity is bimodally distributed with many patients having normal longevity and some dying at a significantly younger age depending on disease aggressiveness, disability severity, infection, or suicide [ 45 ].

One third of patients with MS will need to use a wheelchair. About two-thirds will have disabilities that prevent them from working [ 6 ]. It is important to incorporate a quality of life QoL evaluation from the beginning, during patient monitoring, and when evaluating the effects of the treatment used [ 1 ].

InVickrey et al. This instrument, the MSQoL, was translated into multiple languages [ 47 – 14 ] and has since been one of the most utilized questionnaires in the scientific community. Then, its reliability will be evaluated, making it available for use in the Brazilian scientific community. Permission to use the MSQoL instrument was requested from the original author of this questionnaire who approved the translation into Brazilian Portuguese.

In general, there are four main steps involved in a linguistic validation of an instrument: The Free and Informed Consent Form was signed by the participants in the pre-test phase. They received all research information, including that data would be kept confidential and that they could leave the study at any time.

Development of a Short Version of MSQOL-54 Using Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory

It then added 18 additional specific items related to MS. It is a structured self-report questionnaire that the patient can usually complete with little or no assistance, except for those with disease-related clinical deficiencies. Of the 54 items that comprise the instrument, 52 measure 12 health-related QoL scales, evaluating two major components: Schema representing the 2 components, 12 domains and 54 items of the MSQoL Translation of 18 specific items.

This article describes the translation into Portuguese Brazil of 18 specific items for evaluating QoL in MS patients translated, a process similar to what occurred in other languages where the SF had also already been validated [ 47813 ].

The SF was previously translated, adapted, validated, and published in Brazilian Portuguese [ 15 ] and is widely used. The translation of the MSQoL instrument to Brazilian Portuguese was completed per international recommendations [ 16 ] and other articles that used equivalent methodology [ 713 ] Table 2. The mean response time for the 18 items was five minutes. The MSQoL was well accepted and easily administered to the study population.

None of the items was identified by the patient sample as being embarrassing. They said that they did not know how to proceed. They understood the items, but since they had not had sexual relations in the last four weeks, they had no way to mark any of the alternatives. Thus, there was no need to revise version 2, as described in the results. This can also be observed in other studies on translations of the MSQoL [ 10 – 14 ], including the original [ 4 ].

Among these, some also observed that the highest percentage of items with no response on sexual function and satisfaction with sexual function come from female patients [ 101214 ].

Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Brazilian Version | OMICS International

This differs from our results where the proportion was 1: To explain these results, the study conducted in Turkey suggested that this was due to the fact that people with MS may find sex -related items distressing, difficult to understand, or too private [ 12 ]. The fact that the MSQoL was well mssqol and that there was no embarrassment about answering the items was also observed in other studies.

However, these results are presented primarily in the validation phase. The Turkish version presented a similar result, but the women said that they only found the sexual satisfaction and sexual function domain-related items to be embarrassing [ 12 ]. It was not possible to discuss linguistics, which deals with tool translation into a language different from both the original msqool the other languages in which articles on the transcultural translation of the MSQoL have been published [ 7 – 9 ].

Therefore, the researchers conducted a conceptual review on the idiomatic, semantic, and conceptual equivalence of item content of the final Portuguese version. Below we individually describe the items they addressed to improve understanding Table 3. To hhow follow the translation of items from 38 through 45, it is important to present the English instruction to usd they refer.

This title is used in two domains: The patients judged the questionnaire to be quick and easy to understand, but we must consider that this sample responded only to the 18 items evaluated [ 7 ] out of the 54 that comprise the tool. The most debated items were also cited by Acquadro in the French Canadian version [ 7 ]; the problems occurred mainly due to semantics.

It is well known that it is an instrument that can be completed in an environment with other patients, i. It is also well known that the result will only be reliable if the patient does not receive any support from their family on the best response. This does not prevent the patient from receiving help to read or complete the items due to any clinical difficulties, despite being a self-assessment questionnaire.

If the respondent has trouble understanding it, they should read it as many times as necessary, but may not receive any help with interpreting it. The results of this study were positive and the Portuguese-language MSQoL instrument is in the process of being validated.

The authors would like to thank the translator Jonathan Hutchins who worked on the back-translation, the Dr. Mariana Socal who worked on the translation from the original to the Brazilian Portuguese ude, the Dr. Barbara Vickrey for her authorization and support. All patients received clarification regarding the research process and signed the informed consent form. Legal guardians signed the forms for minors and patients usse severe illness.

Ann Jose ankara escort. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Review Article Open Access. Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life February 23, Citation: Then they compared the translations and worked on the discrepancies electronically until they reached a consensus on the linguistic, conceptual, and semantic aspects, resulting in version 1.

In cases where they still diverged, the first author and a nurse with experience in translation research and transcultural questionnaire adaptation into Brazilian Portuguese intervened and finalized this process, resulting in version 2.

Back-translation Version 2 was back-translated by a teacher ues is a native speaker of English living in Brazil. Then the first author conducted a comparison between the original version and the back-translation. There were minor differences between the two. Content validity Version two of the MSQoL – Portuguese was evaluated by a neurologist specialist jse MS on the item relevance to the intended measure.

The interpretation and meaning of the sentences was evaluated by a nurse with secondary training in literature. The first author participated in both evaluations and no modifications took place at this stage. In this respect, the content validity was approved. They were invited to read, complete, and express their opinions on their understanding and the relevance of the 18 items from version 2.

The criteria for receiving the invitation were as follows: MS diagnosis, over 18 years old, and ability to read and answer the questionnaire without help. The patients received prior explanation about the option. The evaluators also instructed them on the importance of signaling or suggesting, either verbally or in writing, the items about which they had doubts or with which they did not agree.

All of them had a positive opinion. Since there was no need for changes in version 2, this was the final version of the MSQoL in Mswol. Were you discouraged by your health problems? Were ho frustrated about your health problems?

Did you feel overwhelmed by your health problems? Did you have difficulty keeping your attention on an activity for a long time? Have others, such as your family or friends, noticed that you have trouble with your memory or concentration?

Overall, how satisfied were you with your sexual function during the past 4 weeks? Overall, how would you rate your own quality of life? Igual ou pior do que estar morto. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language.

Mixed features Adult Bipolar Hos Can’t read the image? Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort. Version 2 was back-translated by a teacher who is a native speaker of English living in Brazil.

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Caesar’s Messiah – The secret, hidden history of Christianity and the Gospels. If what Joseph Atwill is saying is only partially true, we are looking into the abyss. Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah”. This one can only be charitably be described as “way out there.” It does have the endorsement of a credentialed scholar or. In his book Caesar’s Messiah,[2] Joseph Atwill argues that Jesus of Nazareth was the invention of the Roman Empire, and Josephus wrote the entire NT after AD.

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This one can only be charitably be described as “way out there. This is the sort of thing peer-reviewed periodicals like the Journal of Roman Studies would never print. So what’s the theme?

I’ll lay it out in three categories, noting Atwill’s most notable and signifcant failures in each case:. The Roman Piso theory Caesar’s Messiah is like this theory in terms of conspiracy-mindedness, viewing Christianity as an invention of the Roman establishment for a purpose.

It does exceed the credibility of the Piso theory by a razor-thin margin, inasmuch as it at least uses real people rather than inventing them out of nothing but semantics. But the virtues over the Piso theory stop there. This time, rather than the non-existent Piso family, it is the Emperor Titus who is said to be the inventor of Christianity. His goal was to create a “peaceful Messiah” figure for those rebellious Jews to follow, as a way of pacifying them; the joke being, that they would actually be worshipping Titus himself, unawares more on this below.

Joe Atwill | Caesar’s Messiah, Altered History, & Exposing the Oligarchs

In on the conspiracy as well was Josephus, a client of the Flavian family of which Titus was a member, and who left clues in his works for later and more clever discerners. So now we have a description; let’s talk about errors:. Atwill’s conception, unfortunately, lacks a certain perspective; one may as well ask how early 20th century African-American society could have produced both a Malcolm X and a Martin Luther King. The clue missed is that Jesus’ message was not one of peace, but of a sword, as he himself said — the Gospel message undermined the values then held current, via subtle influence rather than direct force as the Sicarii preferred.

If Atwill cannot see that Jesus’ message was not indeed, at its core, hostile to Roman authority and society in terms of the components it offered, then he needs to do some more research see here. Furthermore, it is clear that Atwill fails on the point of ancient social psychology. He supposes that Jesus was invented to attract militaristic, messianic Jews; yet the figure of Jesus is precisely what a dedicated Sicarii would least follow. Jesus would be regarded as being as far out of the ingroup as could be conceived; he would even be taken by the Sicarii as a disgrace to YHWH.

Indeed, Atwill openly contradicts himself, for he claims he cannot see how Judaism could produce such diametric opposites, yet he argues that Christianity was built to make these opposites attract. He supposes, in other words, that Judaism would not produce such a group; but he hypothesizes that Jews then converted to such a group.

Yet that is unreasonable even in truth, for such rebels would not approve of Jesus even as we know him; the positive view of tax collectors, Roman officials, etc. The idea that Christianity was intended to prevent the spread of messianic Judaism to the provinces [19] ignores the fact that Jews of the Diaspora were Hellenized enough that they did not support such a movement in the first place the misplaced hopes of the rebels, recorded by Josephus [19], notwithstanding.

Atwill cannot have his cake and eat it too. In addition, the idea he sees in Paul and Josephus that “the Romans were God’s servants” finds its roots in OT indications that punishers like the Assyrians and Babylonians were doing God’s will — and finds no particular favor for the Romans. One also wonders why in the world Titus would care to start a new religion for Jews that he had already soundly beaten on the battlefield. One also wonders how and why a mission to the Gentiles got started; indeed, why Titus would allow his own “Frankenstein’s monster” to get loose onto persons with whom he had no problems of loyalty.

Even more problematic for Atwill is what is said by Roman writers whose works he ignores. Tacitus’ comment in Annals Atwill says nothing at all about this critical passage; nor does he mention Pliny’s letter to Trajan asking what to do about Christians. Atwill wishes to posit convenient forgetfulness as the cause of the loss of knowledge about Christian origins; and how credible is it that Hadrian and Pliny “forgot” this, or did not know about it?

How credible is it that Domitian himself a Flavian persecuted Christianity and forgot that his own relatives had created it in the first place? Why would some of those relatives actually become Christians? Messaih makes no effort to explain how Christianity spread; he offers a single paragraph on this saying that “wicked priests” introduced the religion to the masses Jewish? After a while some began to believe, then many.

Atwill appeals to the use of “typology” by the Flavians — who learned the technique from Judaism — as evidence of Christianity’s Flavian origins. The claim that the Flavians had to borrow “typology” is wrong to begin with; even the ancient pagans thought in terms of probabilities prior recurring themes and actions so there was no need to borrow the idea from Judaism.

Otherwise, Atwill assumes, as Helms does, that use of typology proves wholesale invention; and that claim we have refuted in the linked article. It is linked as well with Atwill this jospeh third aspect: No, there’s no thesis of Homer being copied here; but Atwill uses some of the same principles as HEGM to make its own case. One chapter caaesar on is devoted to finding parallels between Jesus’ recruitment of disciples to be “fishers of men” and Titus’ campaign on the Sea of Galilee.

josepg The prime comparison speaks for itself as unreasonable: Atwill parallels Jesus’ “become fishers of men” statement to the Roman act of dispatching Jews afwill had fallen into the sea during a naval battle by hitting them with darts or cutting off their hands — thus becoming “fishers of men” because the Romans “caught like fish” the Jews in the lake. It is hard to say how one “fishes” men being killed and allowed to sink and drown. For Atwill, it is proof enough to stretch the point to make this “grim comedy” [40].

It gets no better, as Atwill stretches between Matt and Luke for the two phrases associated with the fishers of men story by each, “do not be afraid” and “follow me,” and makes it into a parallel of Josephus reporting how Titus not saying these words, no; but telling his men not to desert him but rather, implicitly, follow him into battle.

And more, as Atwill hops around Matthew and Luke ranfomly, turning a mention by Josephus of a ” Coracin fish” as a parallel to a condemnation of the city of Chorazain in Matthew The city’s name means mwssiah furnace” and has nothing to do with fish. In a second story, Atwill draws a connection between a Mary in Josephus see more on this below and the one in the NT; namely, that the former is said to be “pierced through her very bowels and marrow” because of hunger, while the latter is to be “pierced through your own soul” Luke 2: His rationale that “soul” and “bowels” are synonymous does not work for it is joaeph a tenuous, contrived connection of the same type above, making soldiers who kill men in the water with darts and swords into “fishers”.

Those who messiiah as reminder of how this sort of theorizing can be misused are reminded that it is just as easy to do the same elsewhere, as for example we did with Lincoln and Kennedy. When there are no constraints, as there are when Atwill operates, any such connection can be made. His further appeal to the former Mary’s roasting and eating of her infant son as a “blackly comic” [52] type of the Passover lamb! Atwill josepu cannot understand how it is that the eating of this infant would prompt this Mary to say, “Come on; be thou my food, and be thou a fury to these seditious varlets, and a by-word to the world, which is all that is messiau wanting to qtwill the calamities of us Jews.

A score of Atwill’s errors are the result of not recognizing as MacDonald did, though less often that some commonality reflects a commonplace.

The use of spittle by both Jesus and Vespasian to heal an illness [27] reflects then-current perceptions that a holy man’s spittle had healing properties — not a unique point of contact between Jesus and Vespasian. Atwill also omits how Vespasian healed a man’s withered arm, by stomping on it messiiah which finds no parallel with Jesus. But perhaps his largest error of this sort and overall is vaesar commonality in names.

Joe Atwill | Caesar’s Messiah, Altered History, & Exposing the Oligarchs | The Higherside Chats

He marvels that there was a “Jesus” who preached and a “Jesus” who also led rebels against Titus on the Sea of Galilee [43] — oblivious to the point that as we have heard so much about, related to the “James ossuary” “Jesus” was as common a name for Josepu of that period as “Bob” is for men today. He makes the same error concerning “Mary” a name held by up to a messaih and at least a fourth of Jewish women of this era; thus, despite Atwill, there is no oddity in two sisters having variations of that same name [88], and his argument that the Romans turned “Mary” into a “nickname for female rebels” [90] is shown erroneous.

And the same error is made with “Simon. Like MacDonald, Atwill also freely roams all over the texts to make his tenuous connections. He treats the Gospels as a uniform whole in other words, the conspiracy is assumed in order to prove it so that, for example, he pulls the use of the word “Gethsemane” from Mark and combines it with Jesus’ bloody sweat mentioned only in Luke to create a whole parallel [] to what are also two separate stories in Josephus.

This methodology is explained as part of the whole scheme that only Atwill has been able to discover, a scheme that “kept the comedy from being too obvious” other than to “readers alert enough to combine elements from different versions” and speaks as well of Atwill’s magnified self-perception as it does of his creativity.

As with MacDonald, Atwill is constrained to explain why generations of intelligent and credentialed scholars he is, by the way, merely a “businessman” have missed these points for thousands of years. His explanations that everyone else has been unable, as he has, to “contradict a deeply ingrained belief” [2] and that their religious leanings have rendered their intellect “powerless” [] to discern the truth speaks for itself in terms of what he must do to explain this, and it also speaks for itself that he must use the “apparent vagueness” [97] of the alleged parallels as a supposed proof of the validity of his thesis.

Finally, let’s note some of Atwill’s most peculiar errors:. This is partly false, partly misleading. The advanced structure of pontiff and college did not exist until much later, when indeed, Roman influence abounded Atwill is mistaken to ascribe the title of “pope” to men as early as Clement I [30]; it was not used as a title for one man until St.

It was also not until much later that Rome was chosen as the church’s headquarters, despite being also the center of persecution [24] with Jerusalem destroyed, Rome is no more an odd choice than New York would be today.

The authority structures and sacraments, however, mirror the Jewish synagogue — and a universal structure of everything from religions to fireman’s clubs, which had communal meals and organizational structure built on the same basic model.

Atwill also misuses Clement’s letter to Corinth, which does not say anything about the “church’s authority structure There are even more errors where Atwill’s use of the popes is concerned.

He hints at malfeasance in that Irenaeus names the “sixth” pope Sixtus; it would not occur to him that the one with the strained imagination was Sixtus himself, in choosing the name, not Irenaeus.

He also says that the name of the third pope, Anacletus, means “irreproachable” and connects this to the letter to Timothy that says that a bishop must be “irreproachable”; he is confusing anegkletos “irreproachable” with anacletos “called forth, invoked”. The question is asked [21], ” It is a better question why Titus published in Greek material that was intended to target people who mainly spoke Aramaic and Hebrew.

Atwill misreads [44] Jesus’ prophecy as saying a “Son of Man would come to Judea There is the standard error reading Matt. Atwill makes much of Titus using the word “repent” as Jesus did.

The word itself is used dozens of times in the Old Testament; and the theme itself is all over the OT, and no doubt it and its permutations appear in other secular works.

But Atwill claims, “Jesus never gives an answer to the question” of “exactly what sin does he wish the Jews to repent of” [57]. Does Atwill suppose that Jesus is supposed to be walking around with a list of every particular and unique sin every person has committed and announcing them to each person one at a time?

The obvious answer to the question is, “whatever sin you have done”. The same error concerning “Immanuel” [94] that Miller has answered here. The standard error concerning Zachariah and Berechiah [], used for Atwill’s purposes, as he explains away the lack of match to what is said by Jesus in terms of the exact name and location as part of the way of obscuring the joke.

No source is cited for this attribution. Atwill carelessly attributes the words of John the Baptist to Jesus []. In the end, creativity is Atwill’s most-used method, and the number of props and contrivances he must use to hold up his theory, undoes his credibility as a researcher.

Atwill again and again says that this or that point in the NT is some sort of “joke” or “satire” on some historical event concerning Titus. The method is epistemically useless because it is unfalsifiable; Atwill is also inevitably unable to explain why the jokes are actually funny.

As subjective as humor is, Atwill’s mere word that X was “funny” to the Flavians rings hollow. His further claims that the histories of both Josephus AND the Gospels were “fictitious” [20] bespeak a writer of the sort who would rather believe that Jesus had an unknown evil twin who faked his Resurrection appearances than accept that the Resurrection actually occurred.

It took Atwill several years, apparently, to get up the gumption to make a reply, although to be fair, it may have been delayed because he was spending so much time looking for scholarly credibility, which is always in short supply for any theory for which it is required caesaf one purse their lips and wear ruby slippers to make it believeable.

Caesar’s Messiah – Wikipedia

It is clear that Atwill fails on the point of ancient social psychology. Of course, I never claimed Christianity was invented to convert the Sicarii zealots in Judea, an absurd idea.

I wrote that the religion was designed to be a theological barrier to prevent the spread of the militarized messianic movement to Jews living throughout the empire.

Or, by extension, Jews with the same sentiments? A chief impetus for this idea, Atwill says [1], was that he could not conceive of how Judaism could produce two movements ztwill diametrically opposed as the warlike Sicarii and the “peace”-advocting Jesus.

So Atwill is clearly trying to divert from his outstanding failure to address the far more critical point concerning ancient social psychology, of which, he knows absolutely nothing e.

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Amparito Roca () is his most famous composition. There is some controversy as to its origin. Some sources claim that it was actually. 18 more: Flute 1/2 • Oboe 1/2 • Clarinet 1 (B♭) • Clarinet 2 (B♭) • Alto Saxophone 1 (E♭) • Tenor Saxophone 2 (B♭) • Bassoon 1/2 • Horn 1/2 (F) • Trumpet 1. Composed in by Spanish composer Jaime Texidor, this attractive, moderately paced march (paso doble) has a proven long-lasting appeal and musicality.

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William Roberto Cereja is the author of Gramática Reflexiva ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Literatura Brasileira – Em Diálogo c. Gramática Reflexiva. Texto, Semântica E Interação (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by William Roberto Cereja at – ISBN – ISBN Gramatica Reflexiva – 9o Ano. Front Cover. William Roberto Cereja, Thereza Cochar Magalhaes. Atual – Didáticos – pages.

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William Roberto Cereja (Author of Gramática Reflexiva)

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File:Mangga arumanis Size of this preview: × pixels. Other resolutions: × pixels | × pixels | × 1, pixels. Mango Arumanis and Manalagi are both from Aceh, Mangga Arumanis The fruit is shaped jorong, beaked slightly, and tip tapered. The base of the fruit is. Pengaturan Waktu dan Teknik Pemanenan Buah Mangga Arumanis. Yuniarti Yuniarti • Suhardjo Suhardjo. Journal article Agritech: Jurnal Fakultas Teknologi .

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King of the Pippins. Belle de Boskoop Red. La Crete De Fontena. Oaken Pin of Taylor. Fresh Micro Amaranth Red. Fresh Micro Shiso Red.

Radish Korean Lo Buc. Long Thai White Seeded. Cherry of the Rio Grande. Choi Sum Baby White. Bunch Baby Red Maroon. Rice Paddy Ngo Om. Artisan Baby Romaine Hearts. Baby Oak Leaf Green. Baby Oak Leaf Red. Mache Epic Roots-Red Romance. Petit Gris de Rennes. Chicken of the Woods. Dried Chicken of the Woods.

Pig’s Ears Violet Chanterelle. Leaves Holly Green Variegated. Hatch New Mexico Green. Italian Long Sweet Red. Kangga Bonnet Orange Freeport.

Reine Claude de Bavay. Rouge Vif D’ Etampes. Suran Elephant Foot Yam.

File:Mangga arumanis 071215-2670 jbrti.jpg

Wheat Grass Organic Bulk. Butternut Violina Di Rugosa. Chry Indigo Blue Berries. Chry Indigo Blue Chocolate.

mangga arumanis ^-^ | Toluna

Chry Indigo Cream Berries. Chry Sweet s Red. Heirlm Black Sea Man. Heirlm Ceour de Boeuf Red.

Heirlm Gurney Girl II. Heirlm Indigo Blue Beauty. Heirlm Marriage Cherokee Carbon. Heirlm Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge. Heirlm Red Pear Piriform. On The Vine Cherry. On The Vine Orange. On The Vine Red.

On The Vine Yellow. Pink Berkeley Tie Dye. Cherry of the Rio Grand. Fresh Leaf Endive Violet Flash. Fresh Leaf Purple Butterfly Sorrel.

Fresh Micro Basil Lemon. Fresh Micro Basil Thai. Fresh Micro Beet Bulls Blood. Fresh Micro Greens Basil Italian. Fresh Micro Parsley Italian.

Fresh Petite Mix Basil.

Fresh Petite Sea Fennel. Groc Sugar Cane Organic Wholesome. Peppers Dried Aji Amarillo.

Arumanis Mangoes

Peppers Dried Wiri Wiri. Mobile Online Ordering Login. Enter the Share Market. Ramps The wild ramp, AKA wild leek, botanical name Allium tricoccum, is a flowering perennial plant that grows in clusters. It is a member of the Allium family along with onions and leeks Calamondin Limes The Calamondin lime is a cross between a sour, loose skinned mandarin and a kumquat, therefore technically making it an orangequat.

Botanically these varieties are scientifically known as Lactuca sativa. The fruit maintains its green coloring even when ripe and is ready to eat right off the arrumanis. Arumanis mangoes have an overall elongated and elliptical shape; they are slightly larger than palm-size and can weigh up to one arumanus.

The skin is thick, and tough, protecting the soft flesh within. The lemon yellow flesh has a strong, sweet aroma and flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The flesh is thick and juicy and mostly fiberless. Arumanis mangoes have a medium-sized stone.

Current Facts Arumanis mangoes are botanically classified as Mangifera indica. The mangoes are said to live up to their name, which makes them a srumanis fruit during their short season. The mangoes are extremely popular in Malaysia and can be very expensive to purchase.

Nutritional Value Arumanis mangoes, like other mango varieties, are high in vitamins A arumznis C and many essential nutrients and minerals. They contain potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. Arumanis arumaniw are also high in soluble fiber. Drinking the juice of an Arumanis mango is said to have a refreshing and hydrating effect on the body.

Applications Arumanis mangoes are most often eaten fresh, sliced and with no other accoutrements. When prepared, the mangoes are often eaten arumanie sticky rice as a dessert or juiced and enjoyed as a beverage. Arumanis arjmanis are picked mature and are ripe when harvested. The fruit will keep for up to a week refrigerated. Arumanis mangoes are only grown in a province called Perlis on the northern border of the country.

Arumanis mangoes are exported from Indonesia to Japan and a few other Southeast Asian countries, but very on a very limited scale. The Indonesian mango variety thrives in humid, tropical environments where some other cultivars fail to. Arumanis mangoes are also grown on the island of Java, in the eastern part of the island to a mmangga limited degree.

Young Coconut Mango Pudding.

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JEDNA SWANOVA LJUBAV – PREOBRAZAJ – COVJEKOVA SUDBINA [FRANZ KAFKA, MIHAIL SOLOHOV MARCEL PROUST] on *FREE*. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 15 by Franz Kafka. Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Browse Instagram content with Picdeer.

You can cut the love between us with a knife The happiest adults are those who never buried old toys or abandon imaginary friends.

Lijepo je bilooo u kraju mooom, lijepo negdje imati dom Hocus Pocus – Zagreb. Ima nas boljih, ima nas gorih, ima nas finih, a ima nas i gadnih, ima nas pametnih, ali i glupih, ima nas lazova, a i kafkaa, s jednima je lako, a s jednima tesko, a tu je Stefek, moj ujak i tata kojeg sam trebal Fanz nas kak Stefek, niko je ne kak Stefek, koji ga znaju dali budu mi za pravo Ka se mama prekrizi dok te dimo dopeljam.

Einstein – Das geniale Lokal. I nakon par vur dojde konobarica i pita: Ko da je kum Amte inspiraciju dobil graffiti wordporn liebe herz srce spaziergang lovevienna vienna german grammar.

Wien Matzleinsdorfer Platz r Putin je bitan dinamo bjelica jugger selfie pause dicht ledderjacke hrvatska chill analyse winn heschteg. Igramo mi nekso utakmicu i je na poluvremenu. Sedimo v slacionici i trener neka crta na tabli s flomasterom i objasnjavle nam nogometa.

Opening Night! Opera and Oratorio Premieres

I ves v zivco jer nikud nikam ne igramo pokusava nas motiverati i veli: I niti pet niti sest frsnz se pridruzi v zajebanciji i veli: Te den smo ne dali vec goli od protivnika i ne smo pobedili, ali denes smo isto ne dali vec goli od protivnika ali smo na kraju izasli kao pobjednici.

Da je to bilo?

Pital sam malo ematkalec posle kak je pobirala za maskore kuliko je nabrala. Pokazala mi je torbicu s penezima i pogledala me v oci i rekla I gledal sam tekmu protiv Junge Junks, gnkdinamo i komenteral s kris. Ljubav je kaj cukur v kavi Nigdar se se ne restopi Veit 9 days ago 47 likes 0 kafla Vii, prekrasni ljudi

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Keywords: English,Manual,DX Series,DX,DX/,DX/ DXHD,DX/DX,DX Release Date: Apr File Size: MB. Pelco DX Series DXCD – standalone DVR – 16 channels overview and full product specs on CNET. Pelco C Coaxitron®, Pelco D, and Pelco P PTZ Protocols. • Normal, Alarm ( DVR), the DX/DX Series is the next generation in DVRs. Equipped with .

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Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. Qualcomm’s next flagship processor supports a photo format called HEIF that Apple embraced more than a year ago.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. DVR, cables, manual, mounting kit, mouse, remote control, software. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature.

Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Hard Drive Quantity Supported. Supported Max Total Capacity.

Connections Video Input Ports. Video Input Signal Level. Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all by Lori Grunin. If it’s time for a bit better camera, this is your Canon If it’s time for a bit better camera, this is your Canon by Lori Grunin.

DX Security DVR | Surveillance HVR | Pelco

Six tips and tricks to get the best photos Pixel 3 camera: Six tips and tricks to get the best photos by Jason Cipriani. Lightroom photo editing gets more competition from Darkroom, Luminar Adobe customers might not switch, but there are plenty of new photographers entering the market.

Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 19, Digital photography begins its next chapter with radical changes Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. How to take better iPhone selfies Get portrait-mode selfies with Halide. Mobile by Matt Elliott Dec 17, Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 14, The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter.

Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 6, With Snapdragon chip, Android phones get iPhone’s photo-packing ability Qualcomm’s next flagship processor supports a photo format called HEIF that Apple embraced more than a year ago. Phones by Stephen Shankland Dec 5, Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 5, How Google’s ‘Frankenphone’ taught the Pixel 3 AI to take portrait photos A quintet of phones sandwiched together generated the data to train the Pixel 3 to judge depth.

Mobile by Stephen Shankland Nov 29,

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Electronic Manufacturer, Part no, Datasheet, Electronics Description. QT Optoelectronics, QSC, PLASTIC SILICON PHOTOTRANSISTOR. Fairchild. C NTE Equvilent NTE NPN audio transistor. NTE Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Output. Video. Driver. (Compl to NTE). NTE Data Sheet. Product data sheet. Rev. 12 — 21 December 2 of Nexperia. PDTCE series. NPN resistor-equipped transistors; R1 = 10 kΩ, R2.

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The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery.

All Transistors. Datasheet. Cross Reference Search

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Contact For Free Shipping. If there is no enough stock, please check with us for the earliest shipment. Shall the products confirmed to yransistor defects, we guarantee for the replacement.

Integrated circuit transistor DS with all transistor datasheet. We are not responsible for any accidents, delays or other issues that are the responsibility of the shipping service.

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If any quality problem occured in this period,we will take on the shipping cost and replacment. Power transistor BF TO all transistor datasheet.

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D Transistor Irfdpbf Transistor Datasheet. New original datasheet transistor.

New and Original IC datasheet transistor. Electronic Components datasheet transistor. IC Chips Power mosfet transistors 2sc C Electronic Chips Optocouplers Vrms 0.

What is your terms of packing9 A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order. Can you produce according to the samples9 A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.

Termway Hot selling mosfet smd transistor 2n jet printer machine with high quality. It can reduce the waiting time of Template processing while reducing the clean templatestorage and other costs. Configured with different special printing device, meeting different demands of solder paste datashheet sliver paste.

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La grande triade by Rene Guenon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La Grande Triade. Paris. Gallimard. Second edition. Stock ID # pp, unopened pages, a good copy in lightly marked wrappers. Text in French. Revue de la Table Ronde. Second edition. Stock ID # pp, errata page inserted front free endpaper, sellotape marks endpapers, uncut edges.

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