2 1. ABOUT THE TRAINING SITE DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY ASELSAN A.Ş. As a developer of statü of the art Land, Air, Naval and Space. Aselsan Staj Aselsan Staj. November 14, | Author: hittaf_05 | Category: Drilling, Machining, Welding, Bending, Share Embed Donate. Report this link. of a company (like TUBITAK) or different departments of a company (like ASELSAN) is not . You report should start with a Cover Page and Table of . of the grades on the “Staj Değerlendirme Formu” must be at least 7.

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These salient poles create an easy path for the magnetic flux field, thus allowing the rotor to “lock in” and run at the same speed as the rotating field.

ASELSAN, with the firm belief that a countrys technological wealth is composed of the various technologies in its possession, continues its efforts with an eye to constantly developing its technological capacity. Just as with this example, all systems have a resonant point, whether that system is a bridge, a tank or a servo.

Since tachs are not ideal devices, and design and manufacturing tolerances enter into the product, there are deviations from the norm. Two pulses cause shaft rotation and part placement in stau B and three pulses for saj Figure 4.

Bandwidth is expressed or measured in frequency. The wider the bandwidth, the faster the machine can respond. The electro magnets are stationary and are therefore called stqj stator. The disk is manufactured with opaque lines.

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The positioning controller is the device which stores information about various jobs or tasks. Another technique is termed pulse width modulation PWM. The contact scheme incorporates a brush assembly to make direct electrical contact with the electrically conductive paths of the coded disk to read address information. In addition, increasing gain adds components, cost, complexity.

2013_aselsan staj raporu.docx

Another version utilizes three windings on the stator and would be called a synchro. This is to prevent overshooting the desired position.

From the automatic pick and place application example previously cited, if the shaft cannot rotate to bins B and C, the feedback will inform the control of an error and the control can activate a light or a horn to alert the operator of the problem. It is a system of devices for controlling some item load. This “feedback” sig nal is informing the positioning controller whether the motor is doing the proper job.


The first assumption is that power is applied onto the motor and the second is that the motor shaft is free to rotate. Lack of understanding does give the impression to the user of difficulty.

In addition to carrying out direct sales to a number of countries in these regions, ASELSAN also aims to carry out joint production activities with local corporations and institutions in the region through transfer of technology. Linearity The ideal tachometer would have a perfect straight line for voltage vs.

Therefore, it will not be required to return to a “home” or “start” position upon reenergizing power. The controller then outputs a signal to apply more voltage onto the servo motor to increase speed until the feedback signal equals the command signal, i. And since position information is directly on the coded disk assembly, the disk has abuilt-in Figure 5. Motor torque affects the slip frequency, and speed is a functionof both stator field frequency and slip frequency.

Slip is the difference between the stator magnetic field speed and the rotor speed. A reference aselasn is applied onto the primary the rotorthen via transformer action this is coupled to the secondary. One type of semiconductor is the SCR silicon controller rectifier which will be connected to the AC line voltage.

High gain will allow small accurate movement and the machine will be capable of producing precise parts. If the frequency of the sound heard is low base drumthere is no difficulty in hearing the sound. The basic type of resolver discussed thus far may also be termed a “resolver transmitter” one phase input and two phase outputs i. I saw huge electronic systemsI think maybe I cannot see again a huge systems like this in my life.

In this report you will see the detailed information that were mentioned above. There are really twotypes of motors, AC and Aseslan. Oftentimes the notches or teeth are termed salient poles.


Magnetism is the basis for all electric motoroperation. This change is directly proportional to the angle which the rotor has been moved through. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. As the load moves, so does some other “device” move. It is not good for applications with varying loads, it is possible for a stepper motor to lose steps, its energy efficiency level is low and it has resonance areas which must be avoided.

What applications use the closed loop technique? This implies that the greater the slip, the greater the torque. The feedback signal will inform the controller that the speed is rpm. Stj, the similarity ceases there. Size px x x x x This type of motor is sgaj a synchronous motor because it always runs at synchronous speed rotor and magnetic field of stator are rotating at exactly the same speed. This is the number of pulses per revolution.

But the tachometer is not used for a power delivering device. For some reason it is actually rotating at rpm. Machines must not be rapooru at the resonant point otherwise instability and severe damage will occur. ASELSANs stxj are a result of its strategy, which is based on its competent human resources, visionary management, and long-term point of view. A light source passes a beam through the transparent segments onto a photosensor which outputs a sinusoidal waveform.

These are fed into the controller. The speed of the magnetic field going around the aeslsan will determine the speed of the rotor. If you are thinking in terms of conventional currentflow positive to negative then, using your right hand point your thumb in the direction of the current flow and yourfingers will wrap around the conductor in the same direction of asslsan flux lines.

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