In the first book of the series, Anne Rice (author of Beauty’s Kingdom), writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the unspoken implications. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: A Novel (A Sleeping Beauty Novel) [Anne Rice , A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty: Number 1 in series [A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Step beyond the wall of your .

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The Road to Cana I a.n.roquelure went all the way with exploring the mind-set of sadomasochism as I saw it, letting the fantasy characters talk in depth about what they felt and what they enjoyed and what thrilled them as they were humiliated and overwhelmed.

As a feminist, I’m very much supportive of equal rights for women in all walks of life.

When I say lovingly affections, I mean, him ruining Beauty’s dress with a sword, raping her she was asleep, and she doesn’t give permission, which I call rape and then giving her a kiss. Fuck this, I see your paddle and raise you eight hundred gentlemen on horseback armed with rifles and cannons.

The Sleeping Beauty Quartet – Wikipedia

There’s nothing remotely romantic or erotic about any a.n.roquelaure the plot, contents, or characters. And once again Rice’s fabulous tale of pleasure and pain dares to explore the most primal and well-hidden desires of the human heart.

People in general are “out of the closet” as enjoyers of erotic books. With the grateful consent of her parents, and dazed hhe desire for the Prince, Beauty was then brought to the Court of Queen Eleanor, the Prince’s mother, to serve as one of hundreds of naked Princes a.n.roqyelaure Princesses, all playthings of the Court until such time as they should be rewarded and sent home to their Kingdoms.


Penguin trade paperback cover. I suspect that for some readers, this kind of deep exploration of the mentality of the participants was entirely new. Notify me of new posts via email.

However I’ll still read the next one. People who like Porn. For me, this book sucked in a big way!

REVIEW: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice | Reading in Bed

And people who get a charge off of rape can go stand waaaaay over there, where I can keep an eye on you. Ward which was the fifth book in her The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Lists with This Book. But did I have any idea that would happen?

Very good, my girl A well-worded contract is signed by you.

What did these two ever do to Anne Rice? Moving on, the reason I read this book is merely out of curiosity. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty”. Winter had previously approached Anne in regarding such plans that did not claiminng at the time. A.n.roqueoaure, how should I start this review ranting of mine? In the issue of Feminist ReviewProfessor Amalia Ziv of Ben-Gurion University described the trilogy as “definitely more of a comedy ” when compared to darker BDSM novels such as Story of Oand commented that “like all comedies, it ends in marriage”.

Definitely recommended and I can say that this is definitely a “Classic” of the Erotica Genre. Like anyone could endure that kind of pain for years and years, for no freaking reason. Dutton books Novels based on fairy tales. An.roquelaure must submit to their masters etc. She did not know. I guess if you’re into books where the author’s sole purpose was to write about as much sex as possible, and you’re OK with people coaiming each other worse than they would treat an animal, you might like this book.


Nope, the shocking nature of this tale seemed to come from it’s complete and total strangeness. As far as I can claimin, that’s its only use. Writing Horror and the Body: Roquelaure Anne Rice is not a native English speaker.

I never expected a library to stock the Beauty trilogy. The Prince had all his young life know the story of Sleeping Beauty, cursed to sleep for a hundred years, with her parents, the King and Queen, and all of the Court, after pricking her finger on a spindle. That’s all for c,aiming, Ta-Ta!! Her nipples were as rosy pink as were her lips, and the hair between her legs was darkly yellow and curlier than the long straight hair of her head which covered her arms almost down to her hips on either side of her.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure slleeping Sleeping Beauty comes into play here except she’s a princess who awakens from a cursed sleep. In the castle Beauty meets another slave, Prince Alexi, with whom she copulates passionately. And the worst part I kept pretending to forget it every time.

And some feminists, mainly ultrafeminists, in their quest for egalitarian power, also forgot about it. Years ago, I published a novel about the eighteenth-century castrati opera singers, titled Cry to Heaven.

REVIEW: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

I’ve always shocked people. Lots of people enjoy imagining themselves passive, in the hands of a beautiful lover, male or female, who will force them to enjoy themselves. I could already imagine all that the prince had to endure teh save the princess, which is absolutely amazing for my standards.

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