context source (HKRMS) Tseng, C.K., Chang, C. F., Xia, E. Z. & Xia, B. M. (). Studies on some marine red algae from Hong Kong. In: Proceedings of the first. F. acanthophorus is a later name for Fucus spicifera Vahl () and the combination Acanthophora spicifera was established by Børgesen in. Acanthophora spicifera (Vahl) Borgesen (Download Help) Acanthophora spicifera TSN Genus, Acanthophora J. V. F. Lamouroux. Species.

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Lewis, ; Cribb, ; Phillips, ; Phillips, Atoll Research Bulletin No. Taylor, ; Perrone et al. Historical and recent introductions of non-indigenous marine species into Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands.

Ceramiales in a Hawaiian Fishpond: Eradication Of the invasive macroalgal species introduced to Hawaii, A. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. A taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographic study of the genus Acanthophora Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta. Seaweed Research and Utilisation.

WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Acanthophora spicifera () Børgesen,

The relative success of both species is considered to be heavily dependent on the duration and types of habitat disturbance and the ability of each species to maintain space during acantbophora, reproduction, and vegetative growth Smithsonian Marine Station, Traditional use of seaweed in Vanuatu.

A comparison of immature green turtles Chelonia mydas diets among seven sites in the main Hawaiian Islands. This paper describes the edible acanthophor of Fiji, which include A.


Phycologia Europaea Rhodophyta Vol. Prospects for seaweed culture and economic utilisation. On the development of tetraspores of Acanthophora spicifera Rhodomelaceae – Rhodophyta.

Acanthophora spicifera is a very difficult alga to eradicatebut controlling its spread and density may be feasible. Due to its high recruitment rate, Acanthophora spicifera has displaced many native Hawaiian algae and has become one of the dominant algae species in the islands Russel, Don’t need the entire report?

Agardh Weber Bosse Acanthophora spicifera var. Publication details Acanthophora spicifera M. Plants to 25 cm, colour variable, light-pink, pale to dark-brown, green or yellow.

Acanthophora spicifera

Taylor, ; Taylor, Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency, South Pacific Reef Plants. It is also used in vegetable salads, as soup flavouring and as a thickening agent in the Philippines, and is reported to contain carragenaans, used as an emulsifying agent Trono, Acanthophora spicifera Vahl Borgesen A history and annotated account of the benthic marine algae of Taiwan.

Marine Biology, 5: In contrast, in feeding spiciera experiments undertaken in south-east India, A.

Gametophytes dioecious, spermatangial heads plate-like, on single-celled stalks near branch apices, often with sterile hairs present at base of stalk; cystocarps on adaxial sides of spines, urn-shaped, 0. Alcantara LB; Noro T, De Oliveira Filho, E.

Prickly Seaweed (Acanthophora spicifera)

The holotype consists of two dried specimens a tetrasporophyte and a cystocarpic specimen. The Ocean Biogeographic Information System OBIS is the information component of the Census of Marine Life CoMLa growing network of more than researchers in 73 nations engaged in a year initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans – past, present, and future. Current Science, 91 9: Epiphytic cyanobacteria maintain shifts to macroalgal dominance on coral reefs following ENSO disturbance.


The competitive balance between Laurencia papillosa and A. Some new or little known West Indian Florideae. Acantophora spicifera disperses easily through fragmentation, and shows a high recruitment rate Russell, Agardh Weber Bosse Acanthophora spicifera f.

Countries acanthophors multi-country features with distribution records for Acanthophora spicifera. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Branching morphology as an indicator of environmental disturbance: Online Database Acanthophora spicifera Summary: The species then appears to have radiated in all directions from the initial site of reproduction; locally by the release of spores and fragmentation, and more broadly by hull fouling on small boats and other vessels Smith et al.

In the Philippines, seasonal trends in the growth length and biomass of A.

Environmental Impact Top of page A.

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